We writers have something we can boast about, the fact that we are magicians! I’ve always wondered about magicians, their work is hard. But ours is harder.

Why I write this is because sometimes we or others around us wonder, what’s so special about us, writers. Here is a list of ten different things that are unique only to us.(And things you can boast about)

Photo Credits: Jason Rogers (Creative Commons)

Photo Credits: Jason Rogers (Creative Commons)

  1. As writers, we get to live a thousand lives unlike others who can live only one.
  2. We have the ability to create out of nothing, the most amazing of places, lively characters and beautiful creatures.
  3. We can do anything when we’re writers, we can fly, sing, dance, walk in space without a space suit and what not. Everyone can do that, right?(If you dream!) Yeah but we can also write that down on paper to make others feel the same things we do.
  4. We are creative creatures, we’re amazing in ways people around us can’t imagine.
  5. Because we’re part of an art that has been here for centuries and we are proud of it.
  6. We are essential to add colors to this world and make it a beautiful place for now and the generations yet to come.
  7. Art is immortal. So we are creators of something which never dies.
  8. We have the ability to haunt the reader’s dreams.
  9. We are people who want to be heard and our words when written hold weight and are as important as anything.
  10. Because writing is our passion and we will not give it up until we take our last breath.

With all this said, the above are not the only reasons we are unique as writers. There are a hundred reasons we can give to prove to others and ourselves, how unique and special we really are.

Now shoo, why don’t you get back to writing that book, or that short story or that blog post. And have a nice day. (Or a good night if you’re reading this at night, which in that case, Sweet dreams)

Flawid D'Souza

I'm mostly a student and also a writer and a wonderful person. I help people to be creative and follow their passions. I live just outside of Mangalore, India with my mom, dad, little sister and two dogs. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads.


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