We can’t create something big out of no effort. Writing a novel is no different.

For example to build a nice wooden chair:

  • One must cut down the tree
  • Then chop it into pieces
  • Convert it into planks
  • Work with these planks to build a nice chair.

    Photo Credits :Artful Magpie (Creative Commons)

    Photo Credits: Artful Magpie (Creative Commons)

The first thing you might notice is that if you want to build a chair there are steps to make it. In the same way, we cannot think we can write a novel directly without any effort and when the work becomes too tough we don’t want to be writers and catch onto something that fancies us. Writing can be difficult. Yes, just like building a chair but not impossible. First the tree then the chopping then the planks and then the building process.

So it’s like this, one can start by writing words, then those words will join together to make a sentence. Then we will write more sentences that will convert them into a paragraph. Then we will write a bunch of paragraphs and then there is a chapter. Then we will write more chapters, with a final result, the completed novel. Just like how the tree became a chair.

So don’t approach or attack writing as writing a whole novel all at once but as words, sentences, paragraphs and then tons of paragraphs, chapters and then the end product will be a novel.

Always breaking down one big problem into several small problems will help us solve those problems more easily.

Whats your definition of building a novel? Let me know in the comments below.

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