The world. In which the story is based in, why is it so important to work on, as writers. Well I’ve found the secret after watching the TV show ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Photo credit: Ghita Katz Olsen (Creative Commons)

As a writer our goal must be to create a world where the reader after reading would think, ‘Well it would be really wonderful if I were in a place like that’. Thats the secret. Create a world with the most brilliant and colorful characters, they add to the beauty of the that world. But finally it all comes down to the writer to make it happen. What you ask? The magic. J.K. Rowling made it happen with her Harry Potter Series. Everyone wants to be in that world. The characters are important too as I said they color the world into the reader’s mind.

My advice to you is, strive to create a world where you’d like to be in, its what people will like. Some don’t but many will. I don’t think, as you decide to be a writer, your tastes aren’t good.

A world where you’d love to be, a world that exists only in your dreams, a world thats mysterious in its own way. People like to see what they haven’t seen before. And a writer can make that happen.

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