In the beginning when I started writing novels and stories, I thought a scene meant the same thing as in movies, where something happens at a particular place at a particular time. But then as time passed, I read about it and my definition of the word scene changed for good.

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A scene is like a chapter if you feel it is comfortable for you to think that way, though chapters are created by dividing and joining Scenes and Sequels together.

A scene if you look at it consists of many parts, it doesn’t take place just at a particular place but at various places and at various times.

A scene has it’s own reason for existence and that is the goal.

A scene without a definite goal is just like a story without a plot.

Why does a scene need a goal? It needs a definite goal because thats the only way a story will progress forward.

So how is the goal for the scene created?
A goal for the scene comes into existence when there is a conflict in the beggining. Its essential to know that the first scene of a novel doesn’t have a goal yet, because there hasn’t been any conflict to begin with.

So then what is sequel?
A sequel is way of closing the previous scene, either with the protogonist achieving his scene goal and setting a new goal to achieve the main goal of the story or by the protogonist failing to solve the scene goal and setting a new goal to achieve the previous one.

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