The World is Not Your Enemy

There are times when I feel that everything in life is trying to fail me or take me on a road that is very likely to be a failure. In these times, I start wondering who our enemy is. The world? Or the people around me? Or myself?

This question is what haunts everybody in times of despair and distress. We start to blame everything, we become unhappy with everything. We become grumpy. We go into depression. Depression is something that haunts everyone in these times. (more…)

What the World Needs Now is Love

Love is one of the oldest and the most strongest of the emotions in a human being. I believe love has the power to cure anything and anyone. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. But then I’ve also seen how people are separated because of their greediness even while they are brothers they hate each, they lack the love.  Why does this happen? (more…)

Why Writers are Special

We writers have something we can boast about, the fact that we are magicians! I’ve always wondered about magicians, their work is hard. But ours is harder.

Why I write this is because sometimes we or others around us wonder, what’s so special about us, writers. Here is a list of ten different things that are unique only to us.(And things you can boast about) (more…)