The worst mistake a author could ever make in fiction is by stalling or dragging the story and filling the gaps between it with unproductive sentences,paragraphs, scenes etc. The fact is that, we as reader’s don’t like getting stalled, some are too patient they can wait but what about all the remaining 99% of the readers.

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So here’s the secret of the great novels(As to me) like Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and The Olympians. THEY.NEVER.STALL.OR.DRAG

So there it is but then what do they do. What they do is, there is no time for the readers to read a little and say oh I have as much time as I want to take a breath before continuing. That doesn’t happen while you’re reading the above mentioned novels, you fall in love with them that it becomes a struggle to part ways from these lovely books.

So what is so special about them you may ask, so I must say to you that, they have a story that keeps advancing with every word, every sentence. every paragraph. Something new is revealed every second we spend reading the story. That’s it.

Don’t drag or stall. If you think your plot is too small and limited, then what I say to you is brainstorm, think and think, think what amazing new things you can tell the readers that’s it, you’ve found it. Never leave a reader’s mind idle, give him/her enough action, reveletions,new things, suspence, so he/she will never think of putting your book down until they reach the words, the end.

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