Movie Review #7 – GattacaGattaca is one amazing sci-fi movie that I’ve ever watched. Though it doesn’t necessarily focus on science fiction that much. The focus is more on the reality of the world, a simple love story and a struggle to do something that you’ve dreamed of, when everyone is against you or simply doesn’t believe in you.

Starring Ethan Hawke as Vincent, Uma Thurman as Irene with Jude Law as Jerome Morrow. A cast that is sure to tingle your eyes with their acting skills. And directed and written by the all talented Andrew Niccol.

The character of Vincent Freeman teaches you that there is hope for everyone, even for the outcasts, if you dare to dream big.

This is a world where everything is decided based on what DNA you are born with. A person conceived through natural means is called an invalid, an outcast and isn’t provided with opportunities that he wants to have.  There is no more discrimination based on caste, color or religion, now it all comes down to science.

This may be what our future will be one day. It’s quite possible. But this movie is pure fiction so we gotta wait for the future then.

The subtle romance between Vincent and Irene is the beauty of the movie. Vincent’s lifelong goal ever since he was a child was to go into outer space. He is rejected from every interview and he ends up as a cleaner in the end. So he is forced to assume the identity of a genetically superior person. So he needs a person who is willing to lend him his identity and that is Jerome who is now a cripple but the system doesn’t know that. Being a different person than who you really are is not as easy, in this future. Blood tests, urine tests are conducted every now and then to verify the identity of people.

A strand of hair can mean the difference between life and death for a person, if you have assumed a fake identity. So you should be so careful that you don’t let even one of your hairs to fall away from your body.

More of all, the overall theme here is simple and I will sum it up in two sentences.

It is what you dream and dare to achieve and not what you are that makes you that person. That one in a million.

I recommend this movie to everyone. There’s a beautiful message here that needs to be heard. And a beautiful movie that needs to be watched.

That’s it. Tell me your thoughts here in the comments if you’ve ever watched this movie or are going to watch it soon or later.

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