iron-man-coverAs I had already watched Iron Man 2. I decided I should after seeing that Iron Man had scored more in IMDB ratings and Tomato Meter.The opening scene, perfect. A nice way to begin the story of a movie. We already love Tony Stark. Mostly, we all love Robert Downey Jr. His acting skills are awesome. Like Johnny Depp has many personas that have won so many people’s hearts. We also know Downey Jr. is perfect for playing Tony Stark and his other great role that is Sherlock Holmes. I admit it, I didn’t know how Tony Stark became Iron Man and I was curious. And it blew my mind (Well, figuratively) after I finished watching it and found out just that. I can’t believe I watched Iron Man 2 first. Maybe it was for the best. As they say, always leave the best for the last. Or maybe it was the other way around. Well, who cares? All in all, the movie was awesome and everyone who likes a good action + superhero movie should watch it.

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