Movie Review #1 – SkyfallWhen Adele singing Skyfall comes on at the beginning of the movie, you’ll be shocked how much it makes sense with the scene. It’s the perfect theme song with the perfect singer, what more could you ask for. The intro of the movie and the song playing together makes for the music video of the song, don’t need another one. Not asking for another one.

The beginning is like ‘This is what happens when you get old’. This mostly applies to M. Though Bond is older, he hasn’t lost his nerve yet, he is smart and promiscuous as he ever was but there is something else that you have to see, in the movie and I’m not going to say what.

Bond is awesome in this movie because you get to see Bond’s character in a whole new light for the very first time.

It’s amazing what you can do with mirrors and komodo dragons these days. I don’t get why they are used only for decorations.

As much as I like Bond, M’s character is quite interesting.

A must watch if you are into the computers and love to watch hackers take over the world and stuff.

The visual effects are seriously mind blowing.

In the end you realize, there is a reason he is called 007 instead of just James Bond.

A must watch for all the James Bond fans as well as all the other movie buffs out there, like me.

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