I start the debate with my dad by saying, “Suppose there is a person who has achieved something. Now a hundred people praise him for his achievement and there’s one person who gives a bad remark about his achievement and the achiever feels hurt by that one single comment rather than be happy with a hundred good comments”
So my dad says, “See, that’s where you go wrong. Look, when one person is praised he keeps going higher and higher and getting a big head. And that one bad remark will help him be on the right path”

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“But dad, a hundred people praised him and suppose that one person is not important”
“Well, remember, whatever happens, when that one person tells you, you are wrong. Then there must me something wrong with what you’ve done. He wouldn’t have given a bad comment without a reason. There’s always a way to learn from them”
“But again, what if that person who has given the bad comment is just jealous of this other person’s success”
“Then, the person who has achieved must remain unfazed by such a comment, that’s what makes a strong personality. You have to learn to choose between the bad and the good, the right and the wrong. Sometimes you are at fault and the people criticizing you may not be wrong. And other times when they are wrong, you just shouldn’t care. People say what they want to say. You must keep on doing whatever you choose to do and what you believe you can do, it’s you who makes the decision and not them, you make it happen and no one else.”
And so the debate ended with me utterly defeated and smiling that my dad had just imparted me a lesson of life.

So you see people criticism keeps us from getting high heads and if you are not one of those people who don’t get too proud of your success then take critics as a challenge to yourself, learn from the criticism. Criticism isn’t always bad, sometimes the advice is genuine and whole hearted. Don’t hate your critics and there’s no particular reason to love them either.

Ignore Critics if they bother you and make you feel scared or worried, eventually they’ll realize that you just don’t care about what they think and they’ll stop disturbing you.

Not all critics are saints 😀

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