Sometimes when I go through some stacks of books here and there, I keep finding my old half-written manuscripts and I wonder why I abandoned them when the whole plot line was very good. Was it because I was scared of writing an epic fantasy with 800 pages and all?

Photo Credits: Jenny Spadafora (Creative Commons)

Photo Credits: Jenny Spadafora (Creative Commons)

Yeah I guess that was it but when I think back deeper into my mind I realize I just needed an excuse to escape the commitment I had to have with my stories. I was scared to take the steps, I was scared of failure and what would come after I finished writing all that. I dreamed up terrible things like getting rejected easily and getting criticized. And finally abandoned the story and began a new one just to be better or attain the unattainable perfection in the very first draft, only to realize how wrong I was.

First drafts are supposed to suck, only I didn’t know that, I thought all the great authors wrote those great art works just in the first try. Coming to that understanding took me lot of abandoned drafts. And finally I did know and now I write without a worry in the world, and I write because I want to and because it is my passion, and not because I want to be a published author but to create something new every time I write and so should you.

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