People can use fear against people to control them.

Fear is a weapon, for the evil ones, the bad ones. Our fears are our weakness in a way.

You should realize that fear is the most important weapon an enemy can wield against you, so that you lose a fight. You feel suddenly overwhelmed. Your heart beats faster and you just don’t know what to do. But protagonist in our favorite novels are the ones who do something in these times, when they are scared, that is why they are called heroes or heroines.  That is why we like to read about them, because we in real life are not as courageous as the main character in a novel. We love to live the life of the protagonist, so we read novels and for many other reasons also.

Photo Credits: Doug Wheller (Creative Commons)

Photo Credits: Doug Wheller (Creative Commons)

But fear is the most essential part of any story of any novel. Without fear I think there’d be a gaping hole in any action or a suspense scene. Fear in a way captivates the reader to want to know, what happens to the protagonist? How will she solve the problem? Will she do nothing because she is scared? Well, of course the answer to this is, every protagonist is brave even when they are scared and that’s what makes them more lovable and relatable to the readers.

Fear from people is the food that powers the dark, evil or bad ones. When someone is scared of a person, they work under that person who has the authority. They don’t dare say a word against her, they obey everything the authority says. They fear for their lives.

When fear takes over a person, they are more likely to act irrationally than anyone. They may just kill their own family to save their lives or maybe not. There is a good chance they wouldn’t kill their family if they were the protagonist of the story or they would, depending on the story.

The protagonist might not fear for her own life but she does fear for the life of her loved ones.

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Rebecca Green Gasper · 29 January, 2013 at 4:03 am

You are so right. Fear is a very powerful way to control someone. I think we are all driven by fear in some way or another.

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