See this is where I fail most of the time. If I know something awesome. I kinda back off when it comes to teaching it to the other guy, because of the fear that he’ll get better at it than me and beat me at it one fine day. Which is ridiculous and may be sometimes true but that doesn’t justify the fact that I’m withholding knowledge and help that could be beneficial to the other person.

Photo Credit: ToGa Wanderings via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ToGa Wanderings via Compfight cc

That fear would be what most of us would call apprehension + jealousy + greed + being a miser. We can’t be perfect, but we can try to not be too jealous. A healthy dose of jealousy and envy is not bad. But being a miser when it comes to knowledge not only stops you from moving ahead but also keeps others in a dark corner when they could be doing better things with that knowledge.

Don’t promote ignorance. People should be able to learn as many things as they want to. You shouldn’t be the one to decide what they’ll know or not know. Withholding knowledge is as bad as not helping others. Don’t be that person.

Share your knowledge and everything you possibly can. Because sharing is caring. And it also means you’re helping someone do or know things they couldn’t do or understand before. Don’t withhold it because of your childish fear that they may get better at it than you. They will, if they are meant to, but they won’t because you think so.

Don’t let your fear, promote ignorance in others. Enlighten them with knowledge.

For me that means, sharing quite a few things about computers and the internet, knowing that now I won’t hold a upper hand like I used to, when it comes to that particular knowledge. And I should learn to be fine with that, because I do not want to be a miser when it comes to knowledge and information.

It will help set the world free and let it move forward and faster to be a better world and a better place for everyone.

Knowledge is meant to shared, not withheld. Remember this, always.

I am guilty of this, and I know most of the other people are too. So remember the bolded words. They will help you do the right thing, when you want to do the opposite of it.

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