I write this now because I’ve finally realized the importance and effectiveness of deadlines.

Deadlines are a time limits in which a person should complete their work.

My mom showed me an article in the newspaper indicating there was a short story contest for young writers (Well the funny thing was according to them, you must have been older than 17 and younger than 50. Wow, 50 = Young writers, but maybe they mean all the first time writers)

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As soon as she showed me that I was like, “Hell I can write a story without a problem”. (That seems like a lot of attitude doesn’t it. You can’t blame me, I was really happy that I was getting a chance to  show my talent to the world).

And then me and my mom talked about what I could write and she gave me some suggestions. I listened to her ideas and suggestions but I wanted to be original. So I started thinking on what story would fit with themes of love, hope, loneliness, old age and roses(Yeah odd right?). Which gave birth to the character, Mrs. Vinnie, an old widow, in my short story, “A Light In The Dark”. I was and still am proud that its my first written short story and also the first completed story if you regard those half written manuscripts of my first two incomplete novels. These first two novels are the main basis to the third which is not exactly the third one but a highly revised version of the second. Let’s stop talking about this.

What I first noticed was that the word limit was a 3000 words. I got confused and aimed to write 3000 words thinking they were asking the story to a 3000 worded one.(Which I’m lucky enough to say ended up with 2843 words). Well then when I glanced at the paper again it said Word limit: 3000 and then it hit me, at this time I had already written 1600 words and was relieved find that out, as I was thinking I would never reach that word limit. But still it ended up being 2843 words. Which I’m really surprised.

The lesson I learned when I completed the story on 24th May, was that deadlines help us complete things.

It took me one or two hours of mine to complete it after 3 days. I kept postponing it, but this urge in me told me to write no matter what even if I didn’t know where the story was going, well for a record I did know where the story was going, but I didn’t know what to do about the ending but when I kept writing on 24th the ending came to me, it just surprised me, smacking me in my face. ‘It was a realistic and a bittersweet ending’ as I once heard it described by a highest followed writer on Figment.com who in turn followed only a few countable people and I was one in those 51. I was happy and still am as I write this as she was the first one to congratulate my writing skill. Well life is unexpected, it gives you the worst of the worst times and when it gives the best, it keeps on giving you the best things till you are really tired. I hope its the former, but I think I don’t have much chance against winning this contest as there will be more than 3000 entries I’m sure, from all around the state. I know there are writers who write better and very much greater than what I do.

But overall the lesson I learned by this was, if you set a dead line for yourself to do a particular work. If you believe in this deadline even a little, you will fulfill it and complete whatever work you have set the deadline for.

This blog entry is turning out more like a diary entry and I’ll stop at this. But I’ll make a decision in my mind to always set deadlines when I’m doing any kind of work and truly believe in them.

If intrigued, you can read the story here: http://flawiddsouza.com/a-light-in-the-dark/

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