Why Characters Aren’t Flawless and Shouldn’t Be

There’s a reason for flaws in characters. Flaws make a character human, believable and lovable because as readers we know them as our own. Admitting one’s flaw is like baring open the soul to another person. Because flaws are the reasons we are liked, loved and cared for.

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A perfect character wouldn’t be the one with perfect everything but one with flaws and weaknesses, bad habits and good habits, the ability to make mistakes, deny them and later accept them. That’s what makes them more human and likable because though we are human like characters, we are not always as brave as them, to oppose a person when he is wrong, to stand up to fight when she or her loved ones are mocked or hurt, to challenge authority because they are wrong, to admit something personal and embarrassing, to say the truth even if it means losing your loved one to it.

We all want to be like this, to be able to stand up and fight. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. All in all we are not perfect and neither are the characters, but they are brave enough to do, at times that which we are unable to do. We love those characters, we live inside their skin, walk as they do, imagine we are them and get to feel the truth resonating deep inside us and making us happy for the time being as we are the characters on the lifeless pages with lively words, getting to feel the triumph and struggles of the human nature and in the end to know that being human is more important than all things brought together and deep inside our hearts we know.

Author: Flawid D'Souza

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