Deadlines are Important and So is Your Work

I write this now because I’ve finally realized the importance and effectiveness of deadlines.

Deadlines are a time limits in which a person should complete their work.

My mom showed me an article in the newspaper indicating there was a short story contest for young writers (Well the funny thing was according to them, you must have been older than 17 and younger than 50. Wow, 50 = Young writers, but maybe they mean all the first time writers)
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The No Stalling, No Dragging Rule of Fiction

The worst mistake a author could ever make in fiction is by stalling or dragging the story and filling the gaps between it with unproductive sentences,paragraphs, scenes etc. The fact is that, we as reader’s don’t like getting stalled, some are too patient they can wait but what about all the remaining 99% of the readers. Continue reading “The No Stalling, No Dragging Rule of Fiction”