A Little Fear Can Go a Long Way in Fiction

People can use fear against people to control them.

Fear is a weapon, for the evil ones, the bad ones. Our fears are our weakness in a way.

You should realize that fear is the most important weapon an enemy can wield against you, so that you lose a fight. You feel suddenly overwhelmed. Your heart beats faster and you just don’t know what to do. Continue reading “A Little Fear Can Go a Long Way in Fiction”

Why Characters Aren’t Flawless and Shouldn’t Be

There’s a reason for flaws in characters. Flaws make a character human, believable and lovable because as readers we know them as our own. Admitting one’s flaw is like baring open the soul to another person. Because flaws are the reasons we are liked, loved and cared for. Continue reading “Why Characters Aren’t Flawless and Shouldn’t Be”

Why Writers are Special

We writers have something we can boast about, the fact that we are magicians! I’ve always wondered about magicians, their work is hard. But ours is harder.

Why I write this is because sometimes we or others around us wonder, what’s so special about us, writers. Here is a list of ten different things that are unique only to us.(And things you can boast about) Continue reading “Why Writers are Special”

Taking That Leap towards Our Passions

We are humans and are passionate people. I am passionate about writing. I try to write everyday if I can. If we are passionate about something, why hold ourselves back? What are we waiting for? A miracle, that we’ll wake up one day and do what we’ve always wanted to do. No, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re burying our passions because of our routine lives. Continue reading “Taking That Leap towards Our Passions”

Scenes and Sequels, What are they

In the beginning when I started writing novels and stories, I thought a scene meant the same thing as in movies, where something happens at a particular place at a particular time. But then as time passed, I read about it and my definition of the word scene changed for good. Continue reading “Scenes and Sequels, What are they”