Why Writers are Special

We writers have something we can boast about, the fact that we are magicians! I’ve always wondered about magicians, their work is hard. But ours is harder.

Why I write this is because sometimes we or others around us wonder, what’s so special about us, writers. Here is a list of ten different things that are unique only to us.(And things you can boast about) (more…)

Importance of Criticism According to My Dad, I Agree

I start the debate with my dad by saying, “Suppose there is a person who has achieved something. Now a hundred people praise him for his achievement and there’s one person who gives a bad remark about his achievement and the achiever feels hurt by that one single comment rather than be happy with a hundred good comments”
So my dad says, “See, that’s where you go wrong. Look, when one person is praised he keeps going higher and higher and getting a big head. And that one bad remark will help him be on the right path” (more…)