Prodigy by Marie LuProdigy, the second book in the Legend Trilogy is an amazing dystopian book, filled with politics, a light romance and a few heart aches. Whoever liked the fast paced story of the first book is sure to be delighted by this one.

June Iparis, the famous prodigy of the Republic and Day(Daniel Altan Wing), the notorious and the most wanted person of the Republic are nothing but a delight to read in their own narrative voices.

It took me some time to remember as I read this book on why I liked Legend so much. It’s quite simple. Who could write such a subtle romance between Day and June other than Marie Lu herself. Marie Lu has an amazing way of telling a story. She just gets down to the very point of story than going round and round around it.

Overall the novel is really good. It has a signature of its own. Day and June are both my most favorite characters throughout the story. I’m not partial, I like both the characters equally. They both have two different personalities. June is more of a genius , meaning she is the brains and Day is the brawn. Both have their own pasts that haunt them day by day. It’s amazing how both of them cope with it.

June doesn’t doubt a person unless she feels like she should and most of the times, she is right. Day on the other hand trusts the person who can be the most help to him. It’s ironic, because deep down Day and June are somewhat quite similar to each other.

In the beginning I thought I could predict where the story was headed, but then after a hundred pages everything started to change. Black became white and white became black. I enjoyed and treasured the book, each moment I spent reading it.

This book is no Hunger Games. This is something else. This has a power to hold on its own.

I rate it 5/5.


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