Book Review #3 – Easy by Tammara WebberNow if you like books with a bad-ass male character who has tons of different jobs and a normal but good looking female character who likes to be normal, then you’ll like this book.

Who am I kidding? Anyone who likes romance will like this book. There’s a lot of hot romance going on, if that is also something you like. Some scenes are quite graphic.

Along the way, you’re more likely to laugh a lot in the beginning and feel sad and apprehensive for our main character Jacqueline when the story starts to end and happy again when the story ends. So yes, this book is one with a happy ending, like most of the books these days which I read.

Jacqueline is anything but simple, she is complex not much but enough for this novel. She doesn’t hide much from people who are her close ones but when she does she feels extremely guilty. Mostly the circumstances force her to spill out the truth to the particular people.

This book revolves around the truth about how when an abused girl stays silent not reporting anything, how the attacker can get motivated by this and do the same to another girl too and continue harassing the person he abused the first time. Here is something that tries to give a slight shake to whoever is being abused, to let them know that they have a choice and that they can be free from it and there is a way and that the abusers must be reported and deserve to be locked in cells made of the strongest kind of metal in the world.

Lucas is someone you’ll start to like immediately as soon as the story begins, I mean who won’t like a person who smacks the hell out of the person who is in the process of abusing a girl in front of him. There is more to his character than we first get to see, by the end you know what kind of a person really Lucas is.

Kennedy is shit boyfriend for dumping Jacqueline for a reason that goes something like ‘to go on a quest to bang different girls’ other than his girlfriend because in the future he won’t get a chance to do the same(What a d*ck!). She deserves someone much better and Lucas is the one we all cheer to be hers.

I liked this book because these days I’m more in the line of reading romance novels and no one can stop me. So yeah this was a good book and all teenagers and adults alike, I recommend you all to give this book a read. You’ll like it unless you have a hatred for couples and you live sulking in the corner plotting on how to doom the relationship of the next couple you see then this book is not for you. Still that doesn’t make you a bad person. You’re just a misunderstood creature who needs to be loved. Just saying.

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