Sweet EvilLove stories never get too old to be told.

Though Nephilim, the characters in story are as human as they get. There is a beauty in Anna’s character, the way she is, sometimes ignorant but never unkind. She is one those people who wants to do good to all people in return of nothing. It’s heartbreaking to see her help them and later herself become the one lost to the world’s ways. Talking about Anna we can’t forget Kaiden. He is a complex character. He has secret boxes of secrets like everyone that are kept hidden from all but opens them up only when he is with Anna. The chemistry between both of them is so electric you can almost see the sparks flying out of the book. As I read I loved both of their characters. Patti and Jay are the ones who add color to Anna’s life. They are her personal cheering team. Anna’s dad is one of the most loving dads you’ll get to see even though he is the duke of substance abuse. (Read the book, you’ll know what I’m babbling here about)

Anna’s life is so different due to her abilities to see and feel others emotions and know exactly what they want from her. (I know I know, I’m spoiling some things for you but this would be just the tip of the iceberg)

All in all, this book has excellent character development, amazing story line and a brilliant new story which encompasses angels, demons, hell, heaven, nephilim and the seven deadly sins that may haunt anyone.

This is one of those books where the characters fall in love after they get to know each other well. Lots of passionate kissing, hugging, cuddling and what not. But they are attracted to each other or perhaps fascinated by each other in the beginning. This book is also a road trip to fall in love with the simple thought of teenage love and that it can come in various ways perhaps even in a way of ‘a hot gorgeous drummer who is the son of lust’ or ‘two beautiful twin daughters of envy’.(I’m being sarcastic here. I don’t know why everyone has to be so gorgeous in books, what about us normal people? If I was in it I’d be that creepy guy with a book who stares at you like he was staring right through you. Just Kidding.)

A Paranormal Romance worth reading and one which I really liked. If you ask me, I like every book I read. It’s funny. Every time I read a book that book becomes my favorite in that genre, I’m different that way.

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